NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN… extreme caution must be taken when removing the bolts for the timing cover. if you drop a bolt in the engine you will need a complete rebuild!! loosen all bolts carefully, remove the top bolt first and then all the other bolts before you allow the cover to come free from the engine.

DO NOT present the new cover to the engine with any bolts in . put the new cover on the engine and hold it it by hand then put the top bolt in first. Then put all bolts in by hand and hand tighten until you are sure that the bolts are correctly engaged in the threads. we have found an angle on the lower left bolt on some models… (this can be helped by running a 7 mm drill bit through the lower left hole to give you some clearance when installing) Only after hand tigtening the bolts should you use a wrench.. loctite is not required on those bolts but if you want to use it its not a problem.

you will need to remove the air filter…

remove any upper engine guards. (depends on model)  IMG_2866

remove the two plastic covers on top the the cylinders see picsIMG_2695

you will then see the brackets that hold them on. These can be trimmed or left as is depending on how you want the bike to look. Models will differ.

Some models the brackets cannot be replaced or after trimming some of the funcionality will be changed.

i did not trim the whole bracket on the left so i could still use the left knee guard for example. but we have the racer model..

remove brackets and trim. see pics

once you have removed all brackets and have space to remove cover.

Start by loosening all bolts. Only a quarter turn each in a cross pattern . top then bottom left then bottom right then top left and top right etc.. continue until no pressure on the gasket and then remove all. top bolt first.top bolt first
Keep all bolts away from the engine. do not have any bolts or any tools or any objects in your hands when removing covers. immediately cover the hole with paper towel to prevent debris from falling in. keep gasket and bolts as they can be reused. clean the bolts of any loctite that may have been used by the factory. clean the bolt holes but NOT before you have covered the timing chain hole.exposed timing chain

installation of cover should be done with extreme care . Sandwich the gasket with the cover against the engine and spin in the top bolt by hand.. followed by all the rest. The bolts can be a little tight so DO NOT force the bolt into a hole. see notes before you begin. spin them gently in by hand and then follow up with a wrench. loctite can be used but it is not essential. some models have an angle on the lower holes so clearance can be tight. this can be helped by running a 7mm drill bit through the lower holes on the cover. the holes are currently drilled at just over 6mminstall new cover

Torque the bolts to 10nm. in a cross pattern.

now you can check the plastic cover bracket to see which parts you can cut. you may chose not to cut anything. plastic covers can be reinstalled on the opposite side but may need to be cut depending on model.

re install the air filter.

whilst we have not had any problems with the timing cover set the design inevitably carries a risk during installation and use. it is a non standard part so it will void your warranty if it is installed. we can only recommend this product if you accept that you install at your own risk..

Be sure to send us a picture of your installation.engine guard left side

DISCLAIMER:   The installation of any aftermarket part may void or otherwise adversely affect your factory warranty. In addition, such installation and use may violate certain european, state and local laws, rules and ordinances as well as other laws when used on motor vehicles operated on public highways, especially in states where pollution laws may apply. Always check european, state, and local laws before modifying your motorcycle. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for his or her use, and the user shall assume all legal, personal injury risk, and liability and all other obligations, duties and risks associated therewith.

CAUTION: Do not use harsh chemicals such as brake cleaner, acetone or cutting compunds to clean this cover.

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