XV950 whistlefire air cleaner PART FITMENT INSTRUCTIONS…

step 1

Remove the stock air filter..

start by removing the four outer bolts.

remove the stock air filter element. no bolts to remove here

take off the back plate and the front cylinder support

disconnect the cranckase breather and remove the gaskets which can be reused.

this is what you will see when the filter is removed

step 2

installation of the “whistlefire” flange adapter

install the adapter flange using the stock gaskets. tighten the 3 bolts. use medium loctite

install the back plate . you can use gasket sealant if you like but it is not required. tighten the 3 bolts. use medium loctite. dont forget to reconnect the crankcase breather.

step 3

filter element and front plate

place the filter element , bevelled side outwards. note the filter support can be installed at this time

place the front plate on the element but dont let go . it will not stay on so be ready with the top bolt and spacer to install immediately.

place bolts and spacer in by hand first

insert all bolts in and ease the front plate in untill all bolts are seated. you can use medium loctite if you wish.

installation is now complete. start the motor and enjoy

installation of power commander. coming soon

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