A “HOW TO GUIDE” for changing handlebars and risers or upgrading front brake lines. 

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remove the bracket that holds the electric cables in place. there are 3 bolts. two at the top and one at the bottom.


second bolt. third botl connects to head of the engine


original routing of left hand cables3

oosen the coil holder. no need to take the coils out just loosen the bracket to make a little room.


ease the left hand cables though to the right hand side. you may have to snip away some cable ties..


unclip the right hand connector from the bracket

6 half

this is the right hand connector that can be fed through to the left side.


feed the cable under the steel ABS line.


put the bracket back on.


put the coil bracket back in place4

this is the final positions for the cables on the left once the bracket is back in place.


the final positions of the cables on the right once the coil bracket is back in place.


see part 1 (tank removal) here  https://mbcustoms.eu/2021/02/02/handlebar-extension/

see part 2 (handlebar removal) here 


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