A “HOW TO GUIDE” for changing handlebars and risers or upgrading front brake lines. 

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we decided to improve the front end and try to eliminate the ” speed wobble” to do this we will change the steering bearings. We do NOT recommend you do this at home unless you have some experience of setting bearing preload and some specialist tools but if you would like to see how we do it then here it is. you will of course need to remove the front wheel. so first ,caliper off.


loosen pinch bolts and remove the axle. roll wheel out. the manual (which you should have) explains in detail , we are just going fast to get to the bearing.

axle out

remove the abs sensor using a special automatic wrench

remove abs sensor

remove the fender. 4 bolts , two on each side.

remove fender

forks are now free ro be removed

wheel and fender off

brake line support bracket

brake line support clamp

remove indicator support bolts

remove indicator holders

careful with the indicator electrical connectors.

indicator electrics

loosen the top clamp nut. dont remove yet

remove top nut

loosen lower clamp pinch bolts

lower pinch bolts

loosen upper clamp pinch bolts. be ready to ease out the fork as it will now be loose.

upper pinch bolt

repeat for the other side.. you can now remove the top nut and top clamp.

forks out

this is what you should see when removing top clamp

removed top clamp

tap the lock nut free. should not be on very tight.

tap top nut free

tap preload nut free. note position of the washer. hold teh lowe clamp because th estem can now fall through

tap lower nut free and remove

remove the dust cover

dust cover

steering stem can now be pulled through

steering stem out

stock bearing

stock bearing

 stock bearing race needs to be removed.

stock bearing race

add heat

heat can help

you will need a race remover for the top race. not recommded to try to remove without it.

mp tool

we made a tool for the lower race

make tool

add heat

heat the lower race

place tool thorugh steering tube

place in top

there are two grooves in the tube to get to the race. place tool in one and tap a little from the top

groove for tool


lternate between the holes to gently tap out the race. needs to come out in line with the surfaces so as not to damage them. once both are out clean up all surfaces.

hammer out

this is the new bearing set


bearing races are different sizes so you cant mix them up. very gently tap so the race is as inline  as possible. repeat for the lower race.

tap square

this is the race press tool we made. this is placed through the steering tube and as you tighten the nut the races are pulled into the tube. you can put the races in the freezer and heat the steering tube to aid fitment. however when pressing you must press in straight. any twist will damage the surfaces and may ruin your frame. if as you press in it becomes twisted remove the press and genlty tap the race until it lines up again. dont allow it to twist more than 0.5mm on one side so be very careful and measure any twisting as you go.

race press tool

once completed the races should sit perfectly in the steering tube. if its not right continue to press until it is. you cannot align them with the bearings so it must be perfect now.

after seating

lower race seated

lower seated

we opted to cut off the steering stem race. use a dremel and cut at an angle shown. dont rush. no need to go all the way though. 


this is about how long it should be and how deep.

not all the way

use a screwdriver to crack the race. dont hit it hard. if it does not crack use the dremel to make the cut longer not deeper

screwdriver to ease out

when the race cracks it will slide off.


clean up the surfaces and install the dust cover

bearing in place

we have our press to install the bearing. You can try to freeze the stem and warm the bearing.Use a larger tube to tap into place.


bearing seated.

bearing in place

grease well

grease up the

grease the race aswell.

grease race

grease top race and bearing

top race

feed in steering stem and had tighten the preload nut . dont forget the top dust covers

re instll steering stem

The manual explains how to set the torque on the preload nut. however the All balls bearings are a different design to stock.
This is why we dont recommend you do this at home unless you know how to set the preload of this type of bering. Once preload is set and the locknut is in place you can rebuild the front end. just retrace your steps.

re fit forks


see part 1 (tank removal) here  https://mbcustoms.eu/2021/02/02/handlebar-extension/

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