We have recently aquired a 3D printer to extend our ability to rapid protoype and eventually produce real world parts. follow us on our 3d printing gallery (link to be applied here soon) if you are interested in seeing what will be getting up to.

We decided on an Elegoo Mars pro 2 as it had some reasonable features for the price.

The Mars 2 Pro will have 129 x ~80 x ~160 mm of build volume at its disposal, a slight increase on the Mars Pro. This also means that the Mars 2 Pro has a larger than average build volume.

We set up the printer and we have been epxerimenting with some settings a test printing various parts. One of the first parts is going to be some tube supports for our stainless steel exhaust fabrication.

These tube supports will make cutting the tubing much easier. they will be available soon on our webshop https://mb-customs-store.myshopify.com/