A “HOW TO GUIDE” for changing handlebars and risers or upgrading front brake lines. 

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Remove the seat.  Whatever you do dont drop the bolt. You will never see it again!!! our bolt required a 10mm socket to remove it.

remove seat

Unfasten the rear tank mount boltsrear tank bolts

fuel line 1 needs to be unclipped.  Pull out the clamp to free the connector. Be prepared for some residual fuel to leak.

fuel line 1a

fuel line 1b

fuel line 1c

Disconnect fuel line 2 at the front . be careful with the 90deg plastic bend.

fuel line 2

Unclip the fuel pump electrical connection. the blue plastic one shown here.

fuel pump electric

diconnect the whit electrical connection at the back of the fuela tank and the breather marked in red

rear white connector


pull tank backwards off the bike and you will be left with this.

right side

left side

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