A “HOW TO GUIDE” for changing handlebars and risers or upgrading front brake lines. 

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In the previous section we changed the headstock bearing and therefore already have the top clamp removed. If you are not doing that then its possible to change the risers with the top clamp in place. If thats the case then remove the bolt from under the clamp to release the risers. you may have already seen the taller the risers in previous posts to measure up for the brake lines. this is what you need to do.


we removed the top clamp in the previous post so check out step 5. links at the end..


because we are changing to taller risers you will need to install our aluminium bushing set. this eliminates the play in the bars. You will need to press the old bushings out.


This is what the stock bushing looks like once pressed out.


The MB bushing kit. This kit is specifically for the harley size riser bolts as we changed the risers.


MB bushing kit … Please feel free to message us if you are interested. At the moment we are making them to order.


MB bushing kit. can be supplied for harley size riser bolts or straight replacements for the stock size. message us for more info and pricing if you are interested.


press in the MB bushing kit


These bolts are for harley risers


Harley bolts are imperial not metric.


The stock riser have a 14mm shaft and are secured with an M12 1.25 nut.


if you have taken off the top clamp to do the bearing you will have the manual to follow the re insatllation procedure. If you have not then add some blue loctite to the harley size bolt and push through the bushing and screw into the riser. dont fully tightme down until you have the bars and bar clamps in place. Once the assembly is together you can tighten the bolts to the correct torque. The torque will depend on whether you have the stock risers or different ones. Now the bars are in place we can rebuild the front end including fitting the new brake line and fittings , throttle and clutch cable. see you in the next post



see part 1 (tank removal) here  https://mbcustoms.eu/2021/02/02/handlebar-extension/

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see part 3 (measuring and ordering brake lines) here 


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see part 5 (changing steering bearings) here 



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